Below is just a few of the ways we endeavour to disseminate knowledge and resources for the benefit of the greater scientific community and for healthcare impact.

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COSMIC sustainability plan - Database licensing

The Institute has implemented a licensing step to access by commercial parties to its curated catalogue of somatic cancer mutations database, COSMIC, in an effort to sustain its development in the context of increasing cancer genomics data. All income generated by this activity, as well as from sponsored database research and development, are used to grow the database as a key public resource.

CRISPR libraries distribution - Material distribution

The Sanger Institute has teamed up with SIGMA to manufacture and distribute a mouse and an human whole-genome gRNA libraries designed by Dr Emmanouil Metzakopian of the Institute. The libraries are organised in an array format which simplifies downstream interpretation of CRISPR-based functional genomic screens. This partnership is a valuable resource available to reseachers working both in academia and in industry.

Sanger Arrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Libraries have the prestigious R&D 100 Award.